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I can’t count how many times I’ve heard ‘but I have a black thumb, I even kill succulents’.

My main mission with Plant Bar is to inspire people to grow plants – a plant muse if you will.

Whether it’s one tiny houseplant on an apartment window sill, a collection of succulents, or a veg garden, my goal is to encourage people to grow plants to nourish their mind, body, and spirit.

So for my inaugural Plant Muse post, I wanted to keep it simple and share the easiest houseplants and succulents to grow.  

Here’s the list….

Top 3 Easy Houseplants

All three of these are 70’s flashback plants. They remind me of macrame wall hangings, Led Zeppelin songs and VW bugs growing up…but I’m so stoked houseplants are back! The millennial houseplant craze has brought houseplants the recognition and respect they deserve.

brought houseplants the recognition and respect they deserve. Although there are soooo many more interesting, funky and fun houseplants to grow, I’m sharing with you the three basics:

1. Pothos

(Epipremum aureum)

  • Pothos (Epipremnum aureum) Also known as devil’s ivy, this is the houseplant for any beginner. Under water it, over water it, throw it in a closet (well don’t really do that), these guys are almost indestructible. Plus, easy to cut and propogate! Care tips: Grow in low/medium light, let completely dry out between watering (check soil every week or two).

2. Snake Plant (Sansevieria)

  • Snake plant (sansevieria) aka mother in law tongue (the nicknames for this plant go on and on). I grow these both inside and outside in my garden actually. Inside they can take low light and watering every few weeks at most. Outside, they prefer part shade/shade, but can withstand sun (although the color bleaches out and they can turn a bit brown). This plant is on NASA’s top air purifying plant list, so stock up on these guys for your home or office. Care tips: Grow in low/medium light, check soil every few weeks for watering.

3. Air plants (tillandsia)

  • Air plants (tillandsia) Well, I’m not sure I’d technically call them houseplants per se, although I do grow them indoors and out. You can place them on almost any surface to live (not metal) and they don’t require soil! Care tips: Inside they live happily near a well lit window and generally like to be watered once a week. Let them completely soak in water for about 20 minutes, then let them drip dry upside down to prevent water puddling inside which will cause them to rot.

Top 3 Easy Succulents

I’ll tell you a secret….all succulents are pretty easy to grow. Although there are many other reasons to love them – you can grow them almost anywhere, there are so may varieties to choose from, and you can pot them up in just about anything.

One thing to know about succulents – their name. Their thick leaves hold water, therefore need less watering. Care tips: For watering, wait until the soil is completely dried out, or if you see your succulent begin to pucker or close up, that means it’s thirsty. When overwatered, they get yellowish in color add mushy. When in doubt, water less.

My top 3 almost impossible to kill include:

1. Zebra Haworthia (Haworthia fasciata)

  • Zebra Haworthia (haworthia fasciata) This little guy is unique with it’s white stripes and spiky foliage. It can actually be grown indoors or outdoors. Care tips: It enjoys bright shade/partial sun, or inside it prefers indirect light, preferably near a window. Water every few weeks, letting it completely dry out between waterings. Then even grow little pups which you can pluck off and propagate!

2. Jade (Crassula ovata)

  • Jade (Crassula ovata) Yep another old school favorite. You honestly don’t have to do much to successfully grow jade plants. They are happy inside or out. There are different varieties of leaf shapes and colors. Care tips: In full sun they’ll turn bit more red, in shade more green. They can go quite a while without watering, even neglected. Again, water only when the soil is completely dried out. Outside in a pot or in the ground they can grow quite large with thick stems. Snap off a piece to stick in another pot to propagate!

3. Panda Plant (Kalanchoe tomentosa)

  • Panda Plant/Donkey Ears (Kalanchoe tomentosa) Kalachoes are those cute little fuzzy leaved succs. There are so many fun varieties although the panda plant might just be the cutest. Pictured here is a dark green/brown variety, although the light grayish/blue ones are adorable too. Care tips: They grow happily in full sun, but will be fine in shadier spots. Despite their name, pandas are toxic to pets so don’t let your furry friends cuddle up with these plants.

Starting off with these beginners will give you the confidence to be a proud plant parent!

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